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Meet the Browns new mascot

Discussion in 'RAMS - NFL TALK' started by Prime Time, Jul 13, 2014.

  1. Prime Time RODerator

    Feb 9, 2014
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    Yes it's that time of year, the dog days of summer, when just about everything goofy gets posted because very little of anything interesting or important is being written about in NFL articles these days. Maybe you can come up with a better mascot for the Browns and they'll change their minds and use yours instead. How about a cat instead?

    Btw Florio: the term "Euthanasiaville" is in extremely poor taste for us pet owners.


    Browns are getting a new mascot
    Posted by Mike Florio on July 13, 2014

    [​IMG]Getty Images

    Like many teams, the Browns will have a mascot. Unlike many teams, Cleveland’s mascot won’t take off his suit when it’s time to go home.

    Per Chris Fillar of 92.3 The Fan in Cleveland, Browns V.P. of marketing Kevin Griffin said that the Browns will use a live bulldog as the team mascot this season. His name will be “Swagger.”

    Given the owner’s propensity for replacing key employees, it’s unknown whether Swagger will simply be fired if he doesn’t fulfill his duties to the satisfaction of management — or whether Swagger will be taking a one-way ride to Euthanasiaville.

    No pressure, Swagger. No pressure at all.
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