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Experience in Oakland and St. Louis

Discussion in 'Q & A WITH JOE BARKSDALE' started by fearsomefour, Oct 7, 2013.

  1. fearsomefour Well-Known Member

    Jan 15, 2013
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    Hello Joe Barksdale
    Thanks for taking the time to stop by Rams on Demand, its very cool you would take the time to answer some questions from fans, it is very appreciated.

    I was excited when the Rams signed you. I have a couple of close friends who are Raider fans and who are pretty observant in terms of whats happening with the Raiders. They described you a guy with a ton of talent and that it just "didnt work out" in Oakland.

    My question is; What has changed for you between Oakland and St. Louis that is allowing for this current success? Is it a matter of fitting scheme, coaching, personal growth or a mix?

    Thanks again for stopping by and continued success.
  2. Joe Barksdale New Member

    Oct 3, 2013
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    I'd probably say a mix of different things. It's had to put my finger on one specific thing. I'm just thankful to have the opportunity to play ball.