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Terms of Service and Rules


1. You ARE required to abide by these rules.
  • The Rams On Demand Administration reserves the right to edit, modify and delete forum submissions, as we deem healthy for the environment of the forum as a whole.
  • Violation of guidelines stated here are grounds for dismissal from the forum. To Report Abuse, use the "Report Post" icon found within any post.
  • The Rams On Demand Forum Administration also reserves the right to suspend, without warning, any member at their discretion. Forum Administrators will make efforts to rectify issues, but will make decisions related to the overall health of the forum.
  • Additional restrictions can be added to this policy at any time.

2. Disagreement. If you have a different opinion than that of a fellow poster, attack ONLY their opinion. Make the discussion about the post, not the poster. Remember - we're all Rams fans here, and as such, we're brothers-in-arms.

3. Verbal Assaults. This is a friendly forum, an information exchange, and a place to agree to disagree. Personal attacks will NOT be tolerated.
  • Expressing any racisms or derogatory remarks will be assessed and appropriate actions will be taken.
  • Sarcastic baiting (e.g., "Do you even watch football?") is prohibited.
  • Avoid dismissive stereotyping, such as labeling another poster (i.e., hater, apologist, homer, etc).

4. Profanity. Users have the option of turning on/off the profanity filter through their User Control Panel at any time. Profile > Preferences > Enable Word Censoring > (ON/OFF)

There is no need to circumvent the profanity filter, and any words that bypass the filter by way of intentional misspelling or use of symbols will be deleted. Pornographic references or similar vulgarities are prohibited.

5. Security. Any effort to have multiple identities will result in a suspension.

6. Bumping. Bumping a topic is allowed. Be considerate and do not abuse this feature.

7. Respect. This is a St Louis Rams FAN FORUM. Please keep this in mind when posting. Gratuitous bashing of the Rams or Front Office just for the sake of bashing, may result in a temporary ban. Repeat offenders will be permanently banned. You may petition a ban, but keep in mind the rights of ROD Admin regarding its membership (rule 1).

  • There are numerous boards on which you may make an ass of yourself talking smack about The Rams. This is not one of those boards. Please go to STL Today for that ridiculous nonsense.
  • Individuals seeking to instigate an argument (AKA Trolls) will be reviewed and their status in the forum assessed. Your reply to these arguments could also be assessed. All disruptive influences are subject to permanent suspension. Just report the offending post/poster.

8. Staying on topic: Rams Talk will remain about Rams news, events, games, players, and / or alumni. Off topic [OT] comments will be moved to appropriate sections or removed by the administrators.

9. Uploading offensive graphics. Graphics in poor taste will be removed. Again, what constitutes poor taste is the domain of ROD Administration. Repetitive misbehavior will result in suspension.

10. Signatures: Offensive signature lines will be deleted.

Lastly, piss off an admin or mod, and you might just get banned. If that seems like a violation of your rights, re-read the 1st amendment