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Forum Rules
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    Also, do not use this forum to promote any other web site without the approval of the moderator(s). This includes promoting another site via a signature or by a link.

    4. When attaching articles, include link to the site in which the article appears. Reason being, the authors of many such articles are paid by revenue the site generates from ads on their site. It also avoids any copyright infringements.

    5. Please keep posts in the area they belong. If you wish to talk about movies, for example, please post it in “Off Topic." If the moderator(s) finds that you have posted in an incorrect location, it will be moved to the appropriate forum. Warnings will be issued for numerous violations.

    6. This is a fan friendly site. We respect the team, players, and coaches. We respect cities; St. Louis and Los Angeles. Any derogatory terms toward other members, members of the Rams organization, or cities will not be tolerated. There are clearly grey areas but the goal is to keep excessive negative comments away from quality discussions.

    7. Agree to disagree. Everyone's opinion counts, is valued, and should be respected. If you can't respect someone's point of view -- ignore it! Personally attacking another poster by name-calling will not be tolerated. Avoid calling someone's comments "stupid” and/or calling the person who made the post "stupid". Take any personal stuff to a private message or e-mail.

    8. Comments dealing with or about religion, politics and racism are not allowed. This includes remarks on issues and people related to these topics as well. This rule also extends to avatars and signatures.

    9. The moderator(s) of ramsondemand.com have the right to remove, edit, move or close any thread for ANY reason. In addition, the admin(s) may remove membership for any reason.

    10. Any comments concerning moderation must be done via private message (PM) or e-mail. Discussion of any moderating decisions made in the forum will be deleted and the poster given a warning or banned.

    11. Members are only allowed to have ONE active account at a time. Banned members who create a new account will find their IP blocked.

    Posts that violate the above terms will be edited or deleted upon discovery. Depending on the nature of the violation or number of past offenses, the moderator(s) may terminate a user's account for a period of time or forever as a last resort.

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    This site is for informational and entertainment purposes only.

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    Privacy Policy
  • Ramsondemand.com has created this privacy statement in order to demonstrate our firm commitment to privacy. The following discloses the information gathering and dissemination practices for this web site: ramsondemand.com

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  • Our counter tracks IP addresses and a referring website. This information is solely used to determine which sites are leading visitors to ramsondemand.com. Within the message board, IP addresses are produced with each post. This enables the moderator to block any user who does not follow the guidelines of the forum.

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